The Charles M. Stern Autonomous Grant
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The Charles M. Stern Autonomous Grant

For the Benefit of Members of the New York Circle of Translators

The Board of the New York Circle of Translators (NYCT) is pleased to share with its members that, thanks to a generous bequest left by Mr. Charles M. Stern, funding in the form of discretionary grants is available to assist qualifying members to participate in educational and professional events. Mr. Stern was a founding member, former Treasurer, and great supporter of the NYCT.

The purpose of the Charles M. Stern Autonomous Grant, as defined by the grantor, is to support NYCT members by helping them to cover the costs of professional development activities such as workshops and seminars.

The ATA Law Seminar on February 16, 2019 in Jersey City, NJ was the first event for which the Stern Grant was awarded. Grant money must be used only for registration costs for qualifying activities. The criteria for the Grant as applied to the Law Seminar are below.

In the future the Stern Grant may be offered, as appropriate, for other eligible activities and events. The amount of the Grant may vary according to costs and fees relating to the development activity to which it is applied. The criteria for selection of recipients may be revised accordingly for future disbursements. Information on Stern grants will be disseminated to NYCT members by email and announced on this page.

Stern Grant Guidelines and Criteria for Selection

January 2019

Guidelines and Criteria for Selection

(1) Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need.

(2) Financial need is demonstrated by a written statement of 1-3 double-spaced pages explaining why the applicant deserves a grant, how s/he would benefit from attending the event, and how the grant would benefit her/his career.

(3) Applicants must be NYCT members in good standing whose period of membership covers at least the two years prior to the application date, with the exception of young professionals, as provided for in (4).

(4) Young professionals are encouraged to apply if they graduated from a degree-granting institution less than two years ago with a concentration in translation or interpretation or a closely related linguistic discipline. Applicants should already have some experience in translation and/or interpretation, since the Law Seminar is intended for intermediate- to advanced-level skill-building. Young-professional applicants must be members of the NYCT in good standing at the time of application.

(5) Recipients may not apply for another grant from this fund for three years after their current grant is disbursed.

(6) The application must include a CV and two professional references.

(7) Recipients will be expected to share their experience in the Gotham Translator, the NYCT newsletter, after the conclusion of the event for which the grant has been given.

(8) Current NYCT Board members may not apply for this grant.

(9) Former NYCT Board members may apply for this grant only if their term of service ended at least one year before the application date.

(10) All submitted application materials will be kept confidential and used exclusively for the purposes of this grant.


The next application period for the Stern Grant will be announced via email to NYCT members and details will be available on this page.