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Board of Directors

Milena Savova

Milena has been a member of the New York Circle of Translators for over fifteen years. She is honored to be serving in her second term as president. Milena’s background is in translation, interpretation, and scholarship working in her native Bulgarian and English. Though her career has largely been centered in academia, she’s always kept one foot in practice. Her Ph.D. was in Contrastive Linguistics and Translation. She has spent most of her career developing translation, interpreting and foreign language programs at New York University School of Professional Studies. Milena was on the faculty of Sofia University and spent a couple of years working for Qatar Foundation in Qatar. 

Marcel Votlucka
Vice President

Marcel spent ten years in translation project management at various LSPs before becoming a full-time freelance translator in 2016. As such, he’s seen the “best of both worlds” within the translation universe. As Vice President, he seeks to leverage his experiences to help the Circle’s members and enrich their activities.

Marcel is an avid polyglot who works primarily from Japanese and Spanish into English, but has also studied Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, and Thai to varying degrees. When not learning new tongues or working on translations, Marcel enjoys mentoring translators, being out in nature, cooking, and backpacking and travel. Becoming a “digital nomad” and seeing new places, people and cultures was his primary motive for going freelance, and he can’t wait to be on the road again!

Matthew Goldstein

Matt is a French to English freelance translator and content editor with over ten years of translation experience. The language industry is his third career, after years of experience in pharmaceutical promotions, editing for major pharma companies including Purdue Pharma and Boehringer Ingelheim, and outreach writing for JDRF, the world’s largest type 1 diabetes research organization which he came to after a 15 year career in the arts. Matt translates for non-profits/NGOs, arts organizations, legal/insurance, and real estate and with clients from across La Francophonie. He remains a lover of theater and the arts, travel and exploring his own backyard in New York City. In addition to French, Matt also speaks Spanish and is currently studying German and Haitian Creole.  

Sepideh Moussavi

Sepideh is a Farsi translator and interpreter who began her linguistic career 31 years ago translating and interpreting Farsi to and from French and English in her native Iran. She moved to the US in 1992 to continue her studies and continued to work as a translator and interpreter at schools, healthcare facilities and universities. She moved to New York City about ten years ago and founded her own translation practice where she has interpreted for MSNBC, the Asia Society, and the Federal and New York State court systems, among others. She has translated memoirs, articles and publishing materials for individuals, museums, and universities. In 2016, she added language coaching, subject matter expertise, and consulting services to her suite of services. 

Sepideh is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), the founder and the former chairperson of the ATA Farsi Workgroup that is working to create the Association's first Farsi certification program.

Alexia Klein
Program Director

Alexia is a translator from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
She had a career as a Pharmacist before she became a translator in 2012. Holding degrees in
Pharmaceutical Sciences and History of Science, both from Brazil’s UFMG, and a certificate in
Translation from NYU, the fields of Medical and Pharmaceutical translations have become her
main specialization.
Alexia has served the Board of the NYTC in the past as Secretary and is thrilled to be back in a
new role.
She lives in NYC with her husband and two children.

Other Team Members

Natalia Postigran

Natalia is a Russian linguist, translation project manager, and teacher. In addition to translation in the fields of education, medical/pharmaceutical, and legal, and interpreting in immigration, family, and criminal courts, she coaches and evaluates court interpreters. Her academic background is in technology and mathematics. She has a keen interest in technologies of computer-assisted translation and machine learning.

Patricia Stumpp
Gotham Translator Editor

Patricia is a certified Italian/English interpreter for the New York State Court System. She came to translation and interpretation after a long career as an international commercial banker during which time she worked extensively in Spanish, Italian and French for major US financial institutions, including Chase and Citi. Her interest in Italian began when, after graduating from Connecticut College, she enrolled in the Scuola Dante Alighieri in Florence to study Italian language and culture. She subsequently worked in the US offices of two major Italian corporations, Montedison and Impregilo, while studying at night for her MBA from NYU.

In 2019, she translated Gianna Coletti’s Italian language memoir Mamma a Carico into English which was published by Einaudi in 2015. Einaudi is circulating this translation to its network of English language publishers with a view to its eventual publication.

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