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New York Circle of Translators

Charles M. Stern Autonomous Grant
For the benefit of members of the New York Circle of Translators

NYCT members have the privilege of being the beneficiaries of a generous bequest left by Mr. Charles M. Stern. This funding can be disbursed in the form of discretionary grants to assist qualifying members to engage in professional development activities or acquire career advancement tools. Twice a year, the NYCT Board votes to award Stern grants to events that meet predetermined guidelines. Disbursement continues until the funds are exhausted or the Circle dissolves.

The NYCT Board will email all members when the award application process begins and when a final candidate is selected. Applicants must be NYCT members in good standing and must have been members for at least a full year prior to application.

Charles M. Stern was a dignified, learned, and witty British gentleman; a founding member, former treasurer, and great supporter of the New York Circle; and the 1984 recipient of ATA’s prestigious Alexander Gode medal. A mathematician-turned-translator, he found great joy in poring over his vast collection of books and dictionaries in search of a word.  But he was also very social. Charles delighted in the camaraderie of his fellow NY Circle members and never missed a meeting. He very much wanted to leave the Circle something in return. 

We owe him a debt of gratitude.

Grant Information

The Charles M. Stern Autonomous Award (CMSAA) provides financial support to eligible NYCT members who apply to engage in professional development activities or acquire career advancement tools. To qualify for this award, applicants must demonstrate a clear connection between the proposed activity and their professional goals. 

To be considered for the CMSAA, Circle members must meet eligibility criteria and complete the online form explaining how the financial support will help them pursue career opportunities. Along with the form, applicants must provide supporting documents, a live link to the event or tool they need, and specify the exact amount they require. Applicants must submit their resume/CV or LinkedIn profile, which must include their professional and academic experience.

Members must cover their expenses and submit appropriate documentation for reimbursement. The Charles M. Stern Autonomous Award may not be advanced.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be a member of NYCT for at least one full year prior to their application.

  • Member eligibility is based on career enhancement goals.

  • Members must have a record of good conduct within the NYCT community.

  • Members must not have outstanding fees owed to the NYCT.

  • The applicant must provide evidence of active involvement in translation/interpretation.

Disqualification Criteria

  • Members who have previously received this award are ineligible to apply for one year.

  • Board members of the NYCT or ATA, immediate family members, or those in a significant relationship with said members are not eligible to apply to prevent conflicts of interest.

Post-award requirements for reimbursement

  • The approved activity or tool must be paid for prior to requesting reimbursement.

  • Upon receiving approval, members have six months to make the purchase. Once the Circle receives the receipts, it will be reimbursed within 10 business days.

  • Examples of proof of payment include: credit card transaction confirmation, credit card statement, ACH/wire confirmation, bank statement, and canceled check (showing front and the endorsement in the back), or other relevant electronic payment method.

  • Members who receive a CMSAA are required to write a 250-500-word summary of the award activity, upon completion of the event, and explain how it advanced their professional goals for publication in The Gotham or social media. We encourage the use of pictures, hashtags, and any other relevant information that could help to enhance the article.

Examples of activities the Charles M. Stern Autonomous Award funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Certification Programs: Pursuing certification in specific languages or areas of specialization, such as legal, medical, or technical translation

  • Continuing Education: Participating in workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences related to translation and interpretation

  • Career networking opportunities, such as networking events and professional associations

  • Conference-related expenses (registration fees, accommodations, and travel)

  • Professional Association Memberships

  • Translation or interpretation hardware or software, such as CAT tools, remote interpreting platforms, and terminology databases 

  • Other activities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis

The Charles M. Stern Autonomous Award cannot be used for:

  • Purchases of activities or tools made prior to the application date.

  • Personal expenses (living costs, credit card debt, loans, legal costs).

  • Entertainment or leisure activities.

  • Investments or financial speculation.

  • Other activities not aligned with career enhancement goals.

Maximum Award

A maximum of $1,500.00 will be awarded per person per year, subject to the NYCT Board reviewing applications and supporting documentation. 

If the cost of the activity or tool exceeds the amount approved, the individual is responsible for paying the remaining balance. The NYCT is not responsible for any remaining balance of the activity or tool.

As the award draws on a limited pool of funds, the NYCT cannot always guarantee the availability of CMSAA funds.

Award reimbursement may be taxable income, and recipients are encouraged to consult with a tax professional.

How to apply for the Charles M. Stern Autonomous Award

The Board of the New York Circle of Translators reviews and makes decisions on the Charles M. Stern Autonomous Award twice a year. Applicants will be notified of their application status within two weeks following the vote. Awards will be made each year during the fall and spring only. Detailed instructions for the application will be sent by email.

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